Environcom has a number of contracts with leading retailers of electrical goods, including Currys and Sainsbury’s Argos, as well as key Local Authorities across the UK, and is responsible for their electrical and electronic recycling and reuse requirements in the UK.

“I have been utilising Environcom’s services for many years now, ensuring our e-waste is destroyed and recycled down the appropriate channels. Our operation is unique within the business, and we handle some very high-end stock that requires the services of Environcom to destroy and recycle the stock, in a swift and controlled environment, with the relevant evidence and documentation to support it. The Environcom team is always positive and responsive towards my needs within this evolving retail industry we operate in.
Thank you for your ongoing professional support.”
Distribution Centre Manager, Sainsbury’s Argos

“We take great pride in offering our customers good quality, reliable domestic appliances at affordable prices. Our entire business is based upon this one simple principle. Environcom has become a key supplier to AA Domestics in ensuring our promise is delivered, day in, day out. They are responsive to our wants and needs and never fail to impress us with their “can do” attitude. I do have other suppliers, but only Environcom offers the continuity of supply throughout all the seasons. May this continue for many years to come.”
Chris Gibbons, Owner, AA Domestics

“Abbey Rentals specialise in supplying the West and East Midlands conurbations with high grade refurbished white goods and our reputation is squarely based upon, reliability, quality and speed of service. Environcom has managed to support our aims on a continuous basis throughout the year and importantly, supply us with quality goods that are fully tested and under warranty. More often than not, Environcom will call us with updated stock availability and help us to plan in advance for seasonal items that they know we need. Excellent service and truly reliable suppliers”
Abbey Rentals

“It is quite clear that thanks to companies like Environcom, the UK now has the capability to give our unwanted electrical items a new lease of life, which benefits the whole supply chain. But some parts of the industry are not seeing the true benefit of re-using e-waste. It’s obvious that more needs to be done to address this in order that all recyclers are able to operate in the same responsible way as Environcom and within the law.”
Labour MP Alan Whitehead, Co-chair of the Associate Parliamentary Sustainable Resource Group

“Environcom is making great gains in putting more and more of our old washing machines, fridges and other electrical items to reuse, rather than simply breaking them down for scrap. It is changing the way we think about our unwanted electrical. I’m delighted they have achieved the magnificent reuse milestone of 100,000 electrical items being given a new lease of life.”
Grantham MP, Nicholas Boles

“Currys is the Number 1 Retail Tech Recycler and we collect nearly half of all e-waste handled by Retailers in the UK.  Environcom provides us with a Market Leading, efficient, cost-effective and above all compliant re-use and recycling service.  Environcom plays an integral part in our holistic approach to the ever-evolving electrical retail marketplace and we are proud to partner with them.”
Christopher Brown, Senior Sustainability Operations & Compliance Manager, Currys

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