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For Retailers
By law from the 1st January 2021, all retailers who sell over £100,000 of electrical goods a year and have retail stores, are obliged to take back end-of-life electrical items, commonly known as e-waste from customers.

For Businesses
Does your company have a stockpile of useless, end-of-life electrical/electronic items. Are you aware it is illegal for a business to dispose of e-waste at Household Waste Recycling Centre sites or place e-waste in a bin?

For Our Planet
Environcom offer a compliant solution – Bagged E-Waste Collection Service (BECS)
– to make sure that all e-waste is collected and either reused or recycled by Environcom, an Environmental Agency accredited e-waste facility. 

We Can Collect

  • Any small electrical appliance powered by a battery or plug

We Cannot Collect/Accept

  • Please remove accessible batteries and place them in a dedicated battery recycling location
  • Any items powered by liquid fuels
  • Items containing pressurised containers
  • Light bulbs of any kind
  • Loose plastic or packaging
  • General waste

How To Arrange A Collection Of Small Electrical Appliances

Bag Collection: Environcom will send you a supply of bags for you to fill with your end-of-life electrical items and supporting paperwork. Bags branded with your company logo are available upon request.
Pallet Collection: For larger quantities/items Environcom will send you a supply of larger bulk bags and supporting paperwork for you to safely secure, ie. shrink wrap, on a pallet ready for collection. Pallet prices and postcode zones are available upon request, please email: customer.service@environcom.co.uk for details.

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BECS guarantees your business is doing the right thing and supporting the global challenge to reduce the impact that e-waste has on our environment.

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