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Our Recycling Service

Environcom offers a reliable and cost-effective recycling service. With our own fleet of transport, we can collect from one item to providing a regular artic collection service.

We understand the complexities of the 2006 UK e-waste regulations and make sure that as our customers you fulfil the requirements of these regulations.

To make sure fridges are safely recycled, we process each unit through our two dedicated fridge recycling plants. These complex plants ensure any harmful refrigerants and blowing agents are collected under controlled conditions, thereby negating any impact they might have on the environment. Once processed, fridge components become clean streams of plastic and metal, ready for onward processing and re-use as new products.

We process all types of televisions that are beyond economic repair. CRT televisions contain leaded glass so we use a state- of-the-art, German-built technology to dismantle and separate the two glass streams and plastics to produce clean streams. Using glass cleaning technology, we produce a glass sand known as RSA 6, suitable for use in bound concrete products. For more information on this product, please contact us. We are only UK operation that processes leaded glass from CRT’s.

Small Domestic Appliances
We operate dedicated SDA processing lines, processing up to 1.5 tonnes of small appliances per hour. Our sites have sophisticated separation technologies that ensure the majority of streams derived from the SDA are re-used.

Air Conditioning
We offer a one-stop solution to recycle end-of-life air conditioning units, from mobile to rooftop chillers, providing a competitively priced, national collection and recycling service for any number or size of units from contractor sites or depots.

Water Coolers
For companies that supply, install and replace water coolers, we provide a collection and recycling service to ensure compliant disposal of units.

Ammonia Fridge Recycling
Using fully compliant and regulated operation to degas the fridge units and extract the blowing agent within the insulation material.

Other services offered

  • One-stop compliant solution
  • Certificates of Destruction
  • Bespoke reporting for clients
  • Pallet collections available

Why Choose Environcom?
Environcom offers a highly reliable and cost-effective recycling service. We understand the complexities of the 2006 UK WEEE regulations and can ensure your business fully complies. We also offer a regular collection service via our own fleet of transport, from a single item to an artic load.

Fully committed to the recycling process, our aim is to:

  • Control costs
  • Reduce landfill
  • Reduce carbon footprint
  • Enhance Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  • Provide compliant Solutions
  • Ensure safe working practices

Local Authorities
Working in partnership with local authorities and WEEE Compliance Schemes, we can determine the best solution for Household Waste & Recycling Centres. With the advantage of our own fleet of vehicles, we can provide services to suit your requirements, from one off collections to high volume contracts.

The Environcom Commercial Team is already working with major players in the highly competitive retail sector and has experience of researching, developing, presenting and delivering a personalised strategy to minimise costs, streamline provision and maximise opportunities for reuse, maximising Corporate Social Environmental Responsibility.



Environcom has installed the UK’s first compressor dismantling facility at our site in Grantham, in partnership with the compliance scheme REPIC. Only the second of its kind in Europe, the machine, known as CARRIE (Compressor Automated Removal and Recycling Equipment) enables the safe dismantling of compressors from refrigerators and other cooling appliances.

Compressors are ball-like black metal components at the bottom of a fridge and are often stolen as they have a scrap metal value. Improper removal can release harmful gases into the environment. CARRIE can process around 10,000 compressors a week and is expected to generate up to 28 tonnes of copper and 252 tonnes of steel every month, to be returned to manufacturing.

The process is fully automated and carried out within a controlled environment, achieving the highest standards for environmental control and employee health and safety. The introduction of CARRIE will raise standards in compressor recovery in the UK and reduce the number of compressors exported abroad. Until now, there was no capacity to dismantle compressors within the UK.

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