Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind Guarantee from Environcom

Our aim is to give you complete Peace of Mind when buying a refurbished appliance with the associated guarantee from Environcom or one of our retail partners who provide this Peace of Mind service. The appliance has undergone repair, testing and quality control to ensure it meets our exacting standards before being allowed into your home and we hope it will give you many years of service, however, should it develop a fault within the first six months, we will organise an in-home repair or replacement to give you peace of mind.

To activate your Peace of Mind Guarantee, simply click on the link below after you purchase your appliance and complete a form that asks for your name, address and the Environcom Barcode attached to the machine and the type of machine purchased.

> Peace of Mind Guarantee Form

If your appliance develops a fault within the first 6 months please call on 0147 654 2841, Monday to Friday between 09:00 and 17:00. Our customer service team will take the details of the fault.
If the fault cannot immediately be rectified over the phone our customer service team will either arrange for a service engineer to carry out a repair in your home, or a replacement item to be sent to you and for the old one to be taken away.

This does not affect your statutory rights.

Simple Checks

1.If the appliance fails to operate at all, check the electric circuit is live, try another plug in a different room or try a portable appliance such as a hairdryer in the plug socket you are using for your new appliance.

2.If the washer is creating a leak, please ensure it is plumbed correctly, and that the waste pipe is not kinked or pinched, and the waste outlet is not blocked.

3.If the fridge/freezer is not cooling to the desired temperature, check the thermostat is set correctly.

4.If the appliance is not functioning correctly, ensure it is on a level surface and not wobbling.

5.If the washing machine is making a lot of noise, check it is not vibrating against a touching surface eg. cupboard.