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Menopause Policy and Guidance

Recent statistics and media coverage has brought our attention to the impact of menopause in the workplace. We know that many people feel uncomfortable talking about perimenopause and menopause – which means that some women suffer in silence while experiencing a wide range of symptoms that can affect their physical as well as mental health.

Here at Environcom, we understand that it’s time to stop viewing this as just a women’s issue, but rather as a workplace issue that we all have a role in supporting and we have therefore written a policy that has a lot of information and signposting to some really helpful and insightful resources.

We will be rolling out an awareness-raising campaign to encourage anyone affected by the impact of menopause to feel they can ask for help and to give Managers the knowledge and confidence to show their support.  The Wellbeing Action Plan will help to identify any areas that could be altered if required. We have signed the Wellness for Women Menopause Workplace Pledge and recommend an app called Balance which offers tonnes of advice and guidance for not only women going through this but also for the people in their lives to gain a better understanding of how to support them.