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2011 saw the dawn of a new approach to e-waste, led by Environcom. This strategic refocus saw a shift in emphasis away from mining waste electrical goods for their components in favour of reuse. As a result, we now take an approach that goes beyond recycling and doesn’t cost the earth.

It also means we do things very differently to our competitors. Firstly, we aim to reuse rather than recycle, which is almost unique in our industry, and are already hitting more than 10% reuse. Secondly, as e-waste specialists we work in close synergy with our customers and play an integral role in their supply chain solutions, giving us a genuine opportunity to close the loop on e-waste.

Our mission:

  • We aspire to create value for customers by reducing mankind’s impact on the earth
  • We aim to be the service provider of choice for e-waste processing throughout the UK
  • We believe that what is good for the planet is good for the wallet
  • We know that e-waste doesn’t have to cost the earth

Whether you are a major retailer, local authority, corporate organisation or SME, Environcom can provide a complete e-waste solution that complies with legal requirements, helping you to:

  • Reduce landfill
  • Cut your carbon footprint
  • Enhance your Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Control costs

We can help and assist with:

  • Reuse
  • Recycling your unwanted e-waste
  • Commodity Sales
  • Local Authority Contracts
  • Retailer ‘Take Back’ Schemes
  • Air Conditioning ‘Take Back’ Schemes
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