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The Waste Hierarchy


We strive to divert 100% of the waste destined for landfill into reuse and recycling.


Our first priority is to reuse items that are fit for purpose: a highly trained team of Environcom engineers repairs, tests and approve products for re-distribution into the UK & European market only. (This is to ensure once they become unusable they will be compliantly recycled within the WEEE regulations).


Appliances unsuitable for reuse are harvested for key components to be used in other reuse appliances. Any remaining components are converted into raw materials for use in the manufacturing and construction industries.

Environcom takes in or collect unwanted appliances and either repair and resell them; harvest them for parts to repair other products; or reduce them to fragments of raw materials to feedback into manufacturing.

As the largest independent Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment recycling and reuse business in the UK, we have two strategically placed sites at Grantham and Stourbridge. Both have 2019 British Safety Council 5 star accreditation.

We can reuse or recycle literally anything with a plug or charger and bearing the crossed-out wheelie bin symbol. This ranges from fridge freezers, washing machines, kettles and styling tongs to televisions and IT equipment. It takes far less energy to repair a washing machine than to build a new one from scratch.

Our aim is to prevent these products from going into landfills and, over time, leaking toxins into the earth.

We reuse and recycle all types of WEEE including:

  • LDA (large domestic appliances)
  • SDA (small domestic appliances)
  • Refrigerators: domestic and commercial
  • CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) televisions
  • IT Equipment, phones, tablets, etc.
  • Flat-panel televisions
  • Mixed small WEEE
  • Commercial catering equipment
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